"These are the future"
"so much smaller and lighter than the likes of Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3"
"far more wearable"
"XREAL’s new AR glasses bring the fight to Apple Vision Pro — true spatial computing at a fraction of the cost"
"XREAL has made some huge upgrades and packed them all into the impressively sleek pair of sunglasses"

"The XREAL Air 2 Pros are the best display glasses I've used so far. "
"As someone who travels a lot and takes road trips often, I absolutely love bringing a pair of these glasses with me. They let me play my Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch on a much larger screen. I can watch movies from my phone while being more immersed in them. And the image is sharp enough that I can even plug them into my MacBook if I want to get some work done."

"XREAL Air 2 dominates display glasses"
"XREAL ships 350K AR glasses in 2023, takes 51% of market. The company announced today that it has shipped 350,000 AR glasses in 2023. This represents a 320% year-over-year growth rate and gives XREAL a 51% market share in Q3 2023."

"best mixed reality"
"a wallet-friendly alternative to Apple’s $3,499-headset"
"since the glasses are lightweight, compared to the bulky Apple Vision Pro, you’re not confined to one place to experience mixed reality"

"These futuristic glasses allowed me to flip through crisp-looking 3D movies, play around with digital objects and even control the smart home lighting in the room by simply tapping and pinching my way around a virtual space using natural hand gestures. You can also plug them into pretty much any phone, computer or even game console and enjoy a private 120-inch screen that you can take anywhere."

"One thing that impressed us was how XREAL’s glasses are considerably smaller and more natural-looking than other bulky mixed-reality headsets. At roughly 0.2 pounds, they’re lightweight enough to feel comfortable for extended wear"